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Vinton County inmates are housed in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.
To find Vinton County inmates, use Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail inmate search.
The jail roster is a list of all inmates currently incarcerated at the jail facility.
You can get inmate details like mugshot, charge, court and bail.
If you cannot find the inmate you are looking for or need additional information, please contact Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail or Vinton County Sheriff.

Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ)
Address: 16677 Riverside Drive, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764
Phone: (740) 753-4060

Vinton County Sheriff
Address: 106 South Market Street, McArthur, Ohio 45651
Phone: (740) 596-5242

Vinton County Bail Bonds
Contact a bail bondsman in Vinton County to help you get someone out of jail.
Mayle Bail Bonds (740) 753-2099
All Ohio Bail Bonds (740) 603-6763

Online Inmate Search
Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail inmate search allows you to find someone in jail, click here to lookup Vinton County inmates now.

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